Hummingbirds EP - 10" Vinyl Record


The Hummingbirds EP was our record companies first shared release with BMG.  We all wanted it to feel like an old country record but with the twist of an electronic recording.  I don't remember who coined the phrase "The New Sound Of Nashville" but it became a slogan on several promotional items to follow this release.

The Artwork

I went to Great Escape, a vintage record shop in Nashville, and buying an old Columbia Recording form the 30's. That's what I based these mock-ups on. The idea was to send it of to London...this way they kind of knew what we were thinking and to give their art department a place to start.

Hand drawn idea based on the Colombia Record

Refined attempt using printer cutouts of text.

This is what we sent to the UK as our idea.

The art department at BMG sent 4 ideas back.  Above is idea 1 and 4.

We decided to go with the artwork that was closest to what we submitted.  I wasn't too happy about loosing the Mono-Fi logo at top, as we were trying to brand that more and more with each release, but I did like fonts chosen and the addition of the catch phrase "The New Sound Of Nashvile."