Promotion - Playing With Fire



Venus Hum Matches

This may be the rarest piece of VH memoribilia I have from the band.  Once Hummingbirds was finished and we started to tour the UK we were given a case of matches.  We were supposed to put these on the tables of the clubs we were playing and we did.  But we did take a few as keepsakes.

I remember when we were heading back to the USA Annette had a large box of these taken by security at Heathrow....I don't know how I got mine home...maybe I packed them in my suitcase. 

To give you an idea of how the record industry has changed in a few short years look at the text on the back of the matches.  Available at your local record mention of online music availability and this EP was release 4 months after Apple launced iTunes.

Our US label took a much different approach to marketing the band.  They were much more aggressive in attaching us to emerging music retail and internet outlets.   We were on the very first  iTunes electronc music page and we were selling our albums in boutique clothing stores as well as music retailers.  They're hunch was correct as history will attest.  And that began a great relationship with Apple and iTunes that exsists to this day.