Venus Hum and Mono-Fi.... nice names but how will they look on a T-Shirt?


We had a name but no real identity as far what that name would look like on an album cover or T-Shirt.

Here's the choices given to us be logo/graphic designer Jill Earl who also took care of all our early posters and merch.

We went with the top left and that was later animated by Chris Lee our live projection artist.

I know we all didn't like trendy computer or sci-fi fonts so the choice was fairly easy...even for three people.



Tony and I had already established Mono-Fi Procuctions which later split off into two parts... Mono-Fi Records (The bands Record Label) and Mono-Fi Pictures (My Film Company)

Here's the final logo for Mono-Fi.  I don't remember who came up with "full color sound"...but I stil like it.